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As start-up culture becomes commonplace across the US, the number of people pulled into online enterprise grows rapidly. They represent a maximally wide range of ages and skills. What’s required of a technology team, therefore, is an increasingly long list of abilities. Younger, tech-savvy customers may be blessed with coding skills and need design or promotional advice. Older and more established clients, despite their real-world expertise, may need support from the ground up––all the way from initial HTML work to branding and PR. The joy of working with Squeeze comes from their willingness and ability to work across all these areas––and customer abilities! The staff at Squeeze have proven to be endlessly efficient, gifted, and (just as importantly) good-natured. No matter the task at hand, be it a discussion of fonts or some obscure coding, help and guidance is offered with both speed and a smile. Our experience at UCLA has been completely positive. 

Professor David MacFadyen


Too many times we all hear service complaints and I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and thank you and your company for the absolutely superb service that Squeeze Technology gave our company today. Squeeze was onsite within approx. 30 minutes after our call following a sudden power outage today. They were wonderful, just got on it and got us back up and going in almost no time. Mastery of our network and superb customer service Thank you. You know the value of partners when things go wrong, and Squeeze Technology certainly proved their value to us today. Glad Squeeze is a valued service partner to our Company.

Richard Munro

Receiver & Provisional Director I Restructuring Expert I Board Director & Advisor

Hello Elliot  I would to confirm and reconfirm that your fine man MICHAEL has set me on the correct path “several  times” this past year.  He is always very patient and understanding with my challenges.  He accepts the fact my “knowledge” of the computer is NEAR ZERO and he guides me well.  Thank you very much for Michael and the other individuals I have worked with at your excellent company.

Dick T

Elite Associates

We have been using the crew at Squeeze Tech for as long as I can remember and have always been very happy with their service. Running a 7-day-a-week medical facility is like running a small city and our computers are a part of our business that we cannot afford to live without. Squeeze Tech has always kept us running and out of trouble on everything from little things like email to big things like system conversions and data migrations. We consider Squeeze Tech to be our very own in-house IT department.

Claudio Varga

Director Operations, Eastbluff Medical Walk-In & Urgent Care

Your IT team is PHENOMENAL!  I am beyond grateful for all of your team and the service they provide. Could not be happier or more willing to recommend you guys to anyone! 🙂

Thank you ALL for everything you do!

Kimberly H

General Container Corporation

Squeeze Tech’s response time is exceptionally quick which allows our sales team and customer service team to be responsive to our customers – an important attribute with our tight time tables for capturing sales and order entry.

Karen C

Elite Associates

I have known Squeeze Technology for almost 7 years. Squeeze is very responsive to my needs and has always been able to repair any tech problems that I have had.  They have assisted me with tech purchases including servers and computers; they have always recommended the best value for the price. Additionally, Squeeze has always been able to fix the problem with the least impact on my  practice.  They monitor my server for any problems and recommends upgrades when appropriate.  Squeeze Technology always seem to have my best interest at heart both financially and technology-wise.  They also keeps up to date on new technology and is an expert on the cloud.  I highly recommend Squeeze Technology.

Dr. Robin K. Dore


Newport Heart discovered Squeeze Technology when we were in a crisis state. Our server, which was quite old, had died while I was on vacation. Our office manager called Squeeze regarding our situation. They were able to get the server working again so we could quickly back up our data and move it to a new server. They saved us from losing irreplaceable patient data.

Since then, Squeeze have helped in creating and expanding our network from just one building to our second building and collaborating with our other vendors to make our office run smoothly and efficiently. Squeeze is currently creating and implementing a new imaging system to make our diagnostic testing images immediately available to our physicians, saving us time and money.

I would recommend Squeeze Technology for general IT consulting and support, network management or customized solutions for any business. They are professional and provide quality service no matter what the need is.

Shannon Daniels

Newport Heart Medical Group

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