Squeeze Next-Shift: Work and collaborate from anywhere.

 Move to a lightweight, serverless and low impact modern workspace for your business.


Move your business to a true work from anywhere collaborative platform quickly and easily.

If you have recently considered how you can enable your employees to work from anywhere but want to ensure you also enhance collaboration and employee effectiveness, maintain security and ensure those key applications still work then Squeeze Next-Shift is your answer.

  •       Enables work from anywhere on any device 
  •       Access to your data and applications where you need it 
  •       Works in the office and everywhere else – your employees enjoy the same experience 
  •       Secure and protected 
  •       Fully collaborative – allow users to work on documents in real time using their favorite Office apps whilst communicating instantly 
  •       Fast to roll out and deploy 
  •       Allow users to use their computer straight out of the box with no IT intervention 
  •       Supportable and manageable  
  •       Low per user cost 
  •       Consolidate IT spend 

With Squeeze Next-Shift we can handle moving your business to a new way of working end to end. We will show you how it will work, manage the project, do the migration for you and support your team afterwards. 

A migration to a planned future proof platform can be handled quickly and effectively with little disruption, sometimes in as short a time as a day. 

If you want your business to be flexible for all eventualities and provide your team with better ways to work and collaborate then contact Squeeze today to get planning. 

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Squeeze Next-Shift is a lightweight, serverless and low impact modern workspace for your business, built around security first collaboration on any device –  user centric and productivity focused