Internal IT Team Support

Your business may have a great IT Director or a single IT support person and they are achieving a lot on their own. They are superheroes. But sometimes they need a break to get away, or just to be freed up to concentrate on important issues that they never get to. Projects that never get addressed.


Lending an extra hand.

We work in this guise for many of our most important customers. A typical scenario is that a tech heavy business has one or more people working on the IT strategy and concentrating on key line of business applications. They don’t have time to deal with the end users, network, servers and support so they bring us in to take that away from their daily tasks. We still report to the IT Manger but become a whole team of people at their disposal that feeds in to the overall success.


Alternatively, your team may need help to deliver specific succinct projects that we can run with and get done then hand over.

Another scenario is for us to take responsibility for a portion of IT –for servers, backups and the uptime of the servers as an example.

Squeeze is flexible and keen to be an important part of your team.