Cybersecurity and Compliance

Ensure your business and your employees are  prepared for the latest Cyber Threats.


Cybersecurity and Compliance 

It’s the year 2019, and the internet is more dangerous than ever. Each day your business is the target of increasingly sophisticated attacks. Even single attack can cripple your business by causing data loss, fraud, accidental sharing of your customer data and more. In addition to meeting industry compliance standards such as PCI and HIPAA you have to seriously consider how you protect your business from the relentless attacks targeted against your systems and employees.

Phishing Defense

Every company, large and small has to deal with phishing attacks. Fraudulent emails impersonating banks, email providers, and others, all with the purpose of tricking the reader and obtaining private information. We will help you defend against this widespread problem using 4 different techniques:


  • User Education – the first defense is user education, ensuring your user base understands what to look for and how to recognize phishing emails. What is the anatomy of a phishing scam and what are they trying to get?
  • Phishing Tests – we use industry-leading programs to test your staff’s ability to recognize phishing scams, highlighting which users need help and further training
  • Spam Filtering – ensuring your mail platform is configured and operating correctly to filter out most fake emails automatically.
  • Dual Factor Solutions – we will ensure you have dual-factor on your critical components to provide a final layer of protection in case a password is inadvertently given out to a phishing scam.

Dual Factor Solutions / Minimal Rights

The best way to protect against most attacks is ensuring the system security is set up correctly – that is, users have the minimum rights needed to do their job. In addition we can implement dual factor solutions on your core systems.

Many IT companies don’t have enough experience delivering robust enterprise scale solutions to make the RIGHT recommendations for your business. We have improved our client’s positions with better suited solutions, software applications and services.


Many industries need to meet some type of information or security compliance. For example HIPAA, PCI, Financial Services. We can perform system reviews and provide actionable lists to meet compliance and the solutions to complete those lists and pass review.

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

Despite the best defenses, every organization needs to be prepared for disaster. Many information compliance standards, like HIPAA require data to be safe and backed up for several years. We can demonstrate many cost effective ways to have a replica system and prevent data loss without having to introduce expensive hardware.