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Web apps and Mobile apps – we develop, support and run.

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See what businesses have to say about Squeeze.

Squeeze was onsite within approx. 30 minutes after our call following a sudden power outage today. They were wonderful, just got on it and got us back up and going in almost no time.

Squeeze Tech has always kept us running and out of trouble on everything from little things like email to big things like system conversions and data migrations.

Squeeze has always been able to fix the problem with the least impact on my practice. They monitor my server for any problems and recommends upgrades when appropriate. Squeeze Technology always seem to have my best interest at heart both financially and technology-wise.

Squeeze Tech’s quick responsiveness, professionalism, and sense of humor really set them apart, especially for such senior consultants.

Your IT team is PHENOMENAL! I am beyond grateful for all of your team and the service they provide. Could not be happier or more willing to recommend you guys to anyone! 🙂

Thank you ALL for everything you do!

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