Squeeze Referral Program

For every friend that sets up a meeting with us, we’ll give you $50.If your friend signs a contract with Squeeze Technology, we’ll send you another check for another $450. That’s a total of $500 that you can do anything with… all for helping us out!


Why Squeeze Tech?

No hidden costs, ever.

With Squeeze Technology, you can trust we provide computer support, network support and server support for either a flat fee or “as needed.” Don’t go over your budget with hidden fees and surprises – pay for what you need at an affordable rate to you.

    Sleep like a baby with 24 hour support.

    We have IT support for you 24/7 meaning we’re quick to respond to all your problems, whenever and wherever. Never worry about your IT again. We can manage any issue locally or remotely.

    A team that invests in your business.

    We are passionate about technology and delivering the best solutions to YOU. YOUR BUSINESS is our number one priority, and not the other way around. We care about YOU and we truly believe in your success.

    Less downtime, fewer disruptions.

    Squeeze Technology identifies the source of a problem and fix it – so you’ll never have to worry about it again.