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Squeeze Technology is a Southern California-based IT consulting firm that implements innovative IT solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. We provide a single place where you can have all your IT solutions and headaches handled. From help desk, virtualization, cloud computing, consulting and project delivery to network data security, Squeeze Technology serves it’s clients innovation technology solutions.

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Squeeze Technology prides itself in putting your business first – we feel that our core values will be met with the success of your business expectations.

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“If you do not have an absolutely clear vision of something, where you can follow the light to the end of the tunnel, then it doesn’t matter whether you’re bold or cowardly, or whether you’re stupid or intelligent. Doesn’t get you anywhere.”
– Werner Herzog


“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
– Abraham Lincoln


“If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”
– Abraham Maslow

Having a clear IT vision will give you a guidelines of how technology will play a vital role in your business’s future. Technology is constantly changing and to keep up with competition, your business must evolve with it. Without careful IT planning, your business may fall behind as competitors who have made investment to changes will take your customers.

Squeeze Technology can help you implement a strong vision for your IT in your business future.

The process is the most fundamental aspect in bridging the vision with the solution together. Many businesses that ignore effort into the process put their business in a bind as they are more likely to spend resources unnecessarily, experience downtime, or cannot work efficiently.

We believe in making your business our #1 priority and will work with you to have technology exceed your business’ expectations.

Having a single IT guy will limit the range of tools available and will have them depend excessively on that specific tool to perform all sorts of IT functions without the right training.

We don’t believe there is ‘one tool to solve all solutions.’ Rather, we have our experienced team continuously get trained with technologies and current trends to be able to implement solutions unique to each business challenge.